Goals and Plans

Founding of HrOUG and basic goals

HrOUG was founded on 5th of June 1995. The group was functioning under HIZ (Croatian IT Comitee) until 18th of October 2001, since when it acts as an independent group. The group is managed by management bodies – Assembly and Board of Director, and the work is coordinated by a Working Comitee made of the President and Vice President.

HrOUG – Croatian Oracle User Group has a goal to share knowledge and experiences on the implementation of Oracle technology, improving relationships between users and Oracle company as well as improving the organization of IT profession and its participants in Croatia and abroad. HrOUG seeks to connect and improve business environment of all those who are a part of IT profession, who find their professional interest, ambitions or tasks in IT.

Past activities

Croatian Oracle User Group has, throught 2 decades, continously worked on gathering companies and professionals who are working with Oracle technologies. Constant increase of Oracle users in an IT environment has resulted in expansion of interest for the information sharing, as well as more detailed introduction to new tools and software solutions. All this resulted in the interest of both individuals and businesses to participate in HrOUG.

Previous activities of members in the association affirmed the work on:

  • annual conferences,
  • exhibitions and contacts on IT shows,
  • direct contact between association members,
  • collaboration with similar associations and group in Croatia and abroad,
  • collaboration and activities that have been organized by Oracle Croatia and Oracle Corporation

The characteristic of the previous period is a constant growth of members, as well as their interest in the work of HrOUG, that can be seen from year to year in participation on Oracle user conferences. The details of previous HrOUG conferences can be found under 'Conferences' on www.hroug.hr.

Future activities

Besides continuing work on our affirmed activities, HrOUG is planning to expand its activity to more active involvement of HrOUG members – professionals in Oracle environment in the work of the association. Through our webpages, HrOUG is trying to enable active participation of current and future members in mutual exchange of information and experiences. Interactivity between HrOUG and its members is our main goal, and this means faster and more efficient exploatation of the possibilities in our technological environment.

Gathering the members and other participant on annual HrOUG conference remains the main event and activity, together with organizing JAVA conferences in collaboration with HUJAK- Java User Group. HrOUG conference is traditionally held in October, and Java conference in May. For all information, check www.hroug.hr as well as our conference websites

HrOUG will continue to organize professional meetings, expert gatherings, lectures, workshops, round tables and other activities for professional specialization of our members and other interested parties .

Periodical publishing of HrOUG News containing the newest information regarding everyday practical problems and their solutions will continue in line with its need

Excellent collaboration with Oracle User Groups in Slovenia and Serbia will also continue, with an aim to expand the collaboration to other Oracle user Groups from around the world to achieve better information flow and cooperations between members.

We'll continue to work with Oracle Corporation and especially Oracle Croatia. HrOUG will take necessary activities to improve s collaboration with Oracle Partner Network on marketing members solutions to achieve networked environment in Croatia and abroad.